give me a village the size of a teacup

“ Between what is said and not meant,
And what is meant and not said
Most of love is lost.
-Gabriel Khalil ”


Beat about love | Life translations

I am this thing that needs to #sing, I #love to sing, To my beloved’s other things.

I am this thing that needs to #sing, I #love to sing, To my beloved’s other things.

Release Date: January 21

Love Is A Lie EP incl. remixes from http://soundcloud.com/the-mekanism, http://soundcloud.com/dalehoward & http://soundcloud.com/holy-folk.

Feedback on: Luis Leon - Love is a Lie (Original)

Thugfucker: It sounds super dope. Really like it. Will play it for sure…
MANIK: This one is dope dude! I really dig
Blond:ish: This is quality production
Finnebassen: OMG!! Materpiece!!
Climbers: Good track!
Moon Boots: This is really nice! Thanks
Perseus: Cool, cheers for sending

Played by:

HOSH here at 41:00: http://soundcloud.com/hosh/h-o-s-h-diynamic-neon-promo
NTFO here at 43:00: http://soundcloud.com/ntfo/ntfo-nights-ro-showcase-037?page=2
Chris Jylkke here at 31:00: http://soundcloud.com/chris-jylkke/chris-jylkke-gdd-tm-guest-mix

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Patrick Watson | The Quiet Crowd

“ You can hold her hand
And show her how you cry
Explain to her your weakness
So she understands
And then roll over and die ”


The Incredible #LemonBucketOrkestra’s Soundcloud Playlist.

Toronto’s Crazy Awesome Gypsy Music Group create truly one of a kind music. 

#PureMagic at its best

cheers on Flickr.Via Flickr:
Toronto, Canada

cheers on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Toronto, Canada